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Skin check with dermatoscope

Full Body Skin Exam

Our doctors pride themselves on being thorough.
A full systematic skin examination is our doctors preferred starting point for all our services.

The skin consult usually lasts between 15 and 30 minutes, including a comprehensive risk assessment and examination.

In most cases the patient will undress down to their underwear.
A sheet for cover may be given on request.

As skin cancer doctors we all complete skin checks with a dermatoscope, the most accurate tool used for early detection of skin cancer.

Skin Cancer Treatments

Our skin clinic will provide the complete array of treatments for the vast majority of skin cancers.

Treatment for skin cancer will depend on the location, size and type of skin cancer found.

Often skin cancers can be treated by both a surgical and non-surgical approach depending on many factors.



A list of commonly used treatments

Cryotherapy: freezing the skin cancer with liquid nitrogen
Topical creams: stimulation of the immune system to kill the cancer
Curettage and diathermy: A special technique for scraping and burning the skin cancer
Excisions of the skin cancer and surrounding tissue

Mole mapping and full body photography

At Northern Skin Doctors we use Dermengine for our full body photography and mole mapping.

We use digital imaging for patients who wish for a higher level of care. Digital imaging is excellent for tracking changes to moles over a period of time.


Using the latest in technology, we can detect skin cancers earlier and potentially save lives.

DermEngine is the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence-powered dermatology platform for skin clinics.


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