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  • What happens during a skin check ?
    Our skin checks are a hassle free 15-20 min appointment where a skinscope (dermatoscope) is used to inspect any spots over your body. If any spot is considered suspicious either a biopsy and/or a photo will be taken. The biopsy is then sent to a local cairns pathology lab to determine exactly what has been found.
  • What should I do to prepare for my appointment?
    A full skin check will involve the skin cancer doctor examining your entire body, including your palms, soles and under your nails. Undergarments will be worn at all times. Please inform your doctor if you have any concerns under your clothes. We advise all our patients to please remove all makeup and nail polish before appointments if possible. We have mirrors available in our bathroom if reapplication is required after the check. Unfortunately melanoma can occur anywhere on your body even areas not exposed to the sun. Please arrive 10 mins early if it is your first appointment with us to fill out the registration form.
  • How much will a skin check cost me?
    We BULK BILL (no out of pocket costs) all patients with a health care concession card for their skin check. Out of Pocket fees for non-HCC holders is $31.20. Overall cost as of November is $72.60 with a $41.40 rebate. Procedure costs will depend on the cancer diagnosis and what operation is recommended. We do not compromise on our equipment and always have appropriate time set aside for our potentially life saving procedures.
  • Why choose Northern Skin Doctors?
    Our doctors are highly qualified in diagnosing, treating and preventing skin cancers. All have completed extensive extra training. Our passionate skin cancer clinicians continue to further develop their education. We regularly attend the newest courses, use the advanced technologies and up to date treatments. We have the latest in equipment and have designed the clinic to have 2 fully established surgical theatres. Additionally we use dermengine which is the most advanced technology for skin cancer detection and photography. We are uncompromising in the care for our patients. We would like to be seen as a compassionate community clinic, a place to be cared for without the costs of a plastic surgeon.
  • Do I really need a skin check?
    Australia has the highest rates of melanoma in the World. Our little slice of paradise here in Cairns included. With recent statistics showing that Smithfield and the Northern Beaches of Cairns having 86% higher risk then the Australian average. *Evidence - Australian Cancer Atlas ( Cancer Council Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information. Version 09-2018. Accessed [give date] If you are over 25 years old and never had a skin check please book in today. Your doctor will create a personalised risk assessment at your appointment and let you know how often to book in the future.
  • What about prevention?
    All our doctors are passionate about skin cancer prevention. We recommend that our patients wear at a minimum 50+ SPF which is reapplied every 2-3 hours and ensure that they wear a hat, cover up as much as possible and use polarised sunglasses.
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